Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Style Crush

The Veronicas

This week I have a style crush on Jessica and Lisa Origliasso of The Veronicas. These itty bitty rocker twins from Brisbane, Australia have big style. Always edgy and at the same time girly, their style is a mind-bending combination of leather and tulle; studs and frills; like some kind of cross between a fairy princess and Steven Tyler. It’s this duplicity that sets them apart, and makes them so fascinating.

Girly/GrittyHere we have a good example of the girls pairing girly and edgy pieces. Lisa wears a dress under a leather jacket. Jess combines her sparkly green sweater with an “I hate your band” (written herself) tunic and tights.

Fifty Percent Girly
The two are vintage lovers and often sport cute vintage dresses (like these) at events.

Fifty Percent Gritty
They both wear a lot of flannel and denim for more of a “daytime” look. And in the cold weather, they layer up with skinny pants, tights, and slouchy outerwear.

One Hundred Percent Pure, Unfiltered Amazingness

Key Points:
-Vintage, vintage, vintage
-unexpected pairings
-accessorize like nobody's business
-leather, denim, flannel, lace, faux fur

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