Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Prep School Geek Chic

Well, my prayers have officially been answered. God is filling the world with nerdy men! ...Sort of. One of my favorite recent trends in men's fashion is the prep school/geek chic look that involves sweaters, vests, belts, blazers, ties, and of course, those big nerdy glasses that Mark Salling (above) is looking so fine in. It's more polished than the standard jeans and t shirt, but you don't have to be going to the Oscars to wear it. If you're feeling intimidated by the look, try adding just one piece to your outfit. Wear your jeans and a t shirt, but add a vest, belt, blazer, or sweater. You'll be amazed by how much more pulled together you can look just by adding one item. Check out the pros below:

This specimen is Chris Pine. Chris is looking deliciously preppy in his matching pants and blazer, oxford, belt, tie, and loafers.

The always amazing Justin Timberlake opts for a vest and tie with his jeans. But he puts his own spin on the look, adding a leather bomber.

Pharrell Williams looking super sexy in his argyle sweater. He also adds a little flair with his fedora.

Taylor Lautner and Chase Crawford demonstrate the different ways to wear a vest. Taylor looks cool and clean with his buttoned up over an oxford and tie. Chase, sans tie, looks a little more relaxed with both his top buttons and vest left unbuttoned.

Bruno Mars opts for a little bit of everything; suspenders, fedora, nerdy glasses, leather bomber, and plaid oxford. Be careful attempting this one. Sometimes adding too many accessories can make you look confused. Bruno pulls it off nicely by matching his accessories to the colors in his shirt.

Feeling inspired? VPV has some great stuff to help you get in touch with your inner nerd!