Saturday, November 13, 2010

Style Crush

It's All in the Details: Alexa Chung

This English beauty's effortless style has made her a fashion icon not just in the UK, but worldwide. But what makes her style so special?

Alexa doesn't wear a whole lot of high fashion. In fact most of what she wears is (more expensive versions of) stuff you might expect to find if you raided a NYC college student's closet; sensible basics, solid neutrals, a few big statement pieces, and loads of accessories. So it's not immediately evident what's so captivating about her style. But once you take a closer look, you'll see that Ms Chung is the master of effortless chic and attention to detail.

Although she is definitely not afraid of it, Alexa does not wear much color. She tends to choose solids over prints and neutrals over colors. However, this doesn't mean she's boring and un-experimental. The uniqueness of her garments tends to lie within their structure.

(stacked tiers)

(lace detail)

(heart-shaped cutout)

She also seems to know exactly what an outfit needs when it needs something:

(colorful shoes)

(necklaces, glasses, belt)

and when it needs nothing at all:

Through her careful combination of details and basics, Alexa Chung effectively manages to look like she rolled out of bed and put on the first thing she could find, and still put the girls who spent three hours getting ready to shame. Bells and whistles aren't the only things that can turn heads.


  1. I love her, she knows just exacly what to wear

  2. i love Alexa Chung!! she's so amazing. She was on the Cover of Elle a few months ago

    i'm following! hope you can follow me back :)

    xx. sophia

  3. really really interesting analysis of Alexa Chung! She's brilliant :)

  4. She serioulsy is a fashion genius. I dont think I've ever seen her in something that I didnt love. Im smitten over that girls style!! x