Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Bunny Fufu/Banana

Bunny Fufu is one of two fashion blogs managed by the unbelievably creative and inspiring Brianna, who goes by the pen name, Fashion Monstre. Brianna scours the internet for fashion bloggers whom she finds inspiring, then posts photos of them to Bunny Fufu. And she is so good at what she does. This blog is an absolute hotbed of beauty and inspiration. Featuring bloggers from all over the planet, Brianna’s eclectic style is reflected in each dazzling post.

Her other blog, titled Banana, is more personal, containing her own outfit posts in addition to street style pictures, photos from fashion magazines, video clips, model pictures, and anything else she stumbles across that sparks her interest. This blog is more like a visual diary, and is equally inspiring.

Brianna kindly set aside some time to answer a few of my questions:

· When did you realize fashion was something you were passionate about?

My mom always wanted to be a fashion designer when she was young, she got accepted into FIT, but unfortunately didn't have the money to pay for it. At the time she told me this I honestly didn't really care about fashion all that much...until I was in 7th grade. I was doing some project in class and needed a magazine, my dad picked up a Teen Vogue for me. Once I flipped through the glorious pages of color I instantly fell in love. I became my "own" person at this point, not following any of those "abercrombie middle schoolers".

· If you had to pick only one, who is your ultimate fashion icon?

Alright this is upsetting but I really don't have a fashion icon. But I do have a strong love for Emmanuel Alt. Most of the outfits I wear tend to come out similar to hers- black and white and simple yet chic.

· Where do you draw inspiration from? (ie. The streets, fashion magazines, music videos, old family photos, etc.)

My inspiration comes from almost everything such as music, magazines, my family and friends, celebrities, my mood, and streets. I do have a book though, that I made about 2 years ago that is clippings of my most favorite and inspirational items and people, looking through it always gives me a boost of help for picking out what I'll be wearing.

  • “Six Items or Less” is a global experiment that challenges its participants to wear only six items for an entire month. If you had to participate in this experiment, what would your six items be?

Well if I had to pick 6 of my favorite items to wear for a whole month, it would definitely be a bit difficult. But I would pick out my most favorite BB Dakota O'Sullivan Tweed Blazer (one of my favorite blazers I own), Dolce Vita- Josephine Stacked Leather Wooden Heel, I would have to pick another pair of Dolce Vita's- the Tolden Wedge Ruched Ankle Booties in gray (yes I love DV!), an amazing pair of black plain leggings, J. Crew white button up shirt, and the Aqua Rose One Shoulder Mini Dress from ASOS. Even though you can't exactly wear these things together for a month without repeating I would totally enjoy wearing all of them! But I would definitely have to accessorize tremendously.

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