Monday, November 1, 2010

Icons We Adore


This week's Icon we adore is none other than the glorious Twiggy. When Lesley Hornby, nicknamed Twiggy for her long skinny legs, burst onto the fashion scene at the age of 16, she forever changed the modeling industry. Her long, lean build and big blue eyes gained her international popularity as a fashion icon. Since Twiggy, the fashion industry has sought out models with features similar to the ones Twiggy was so well known for, so she is often credited as the first modern fashion model.

Twiggy's modeling career peaked during the sixties, which was a very exciting time for fashion. Pixie cuts, psychedelic prints, and how-short-can-it-get hemlines reigned supreme as women all over the world embraced a fashion revolution. At the head of this revolution was a doe-eyed teenager from England who would go down in history as a fashion icon.

Who's your favorite vintage fashion icon? Let us know, and maybe you'll see them featured on our blog.


  1. I love coco chanel, audrey hepburn with a twist of rocker chic lol

  2. Was? she still is!